Hello Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

  Last year you all knew me as your child’s ELA teacher, but this year I will be working with your child on his/her 8th grade yearbook!  This is a monumental task and cannot be done alone.  Therefore, we have a new feature this year that ensures that everyone can have part of making this yearbook amazing.  Attached is a handout that explains how you can upload pictures to the Pictavo website so that we have pictures to pull from when creating the yearbook pages.  This website is free , may be downloaded as an iPhone/Android app, and is secure because only yourself and the yearbook committee are able to see what images you have uploaded.  I urge you to upload images for the yearbook!  Images may include but are not limited to:

  • Memories of PS MS 164!  Do you have any pictures of your child at this school during his/her elementary years? 
  • Class parties
  • Class field trips
  • School events
  • Class photos (picture day)
  • And so on!

   We are offering a new fundraiser this year that will benefit the 8th grade class.  This fundraiser will aid in cutting down the costs of their 8th grade year (end of the year dance, yearbook cost, etc.)  Also attached are directions on how to create a Booster page for your child.  This page is used as a “congratulatory shout out” where you can showcase your child!  The website is user friendly, provides a customer service number for support, and allows you to design the page exactly how you would like it to appear.  Space is limited, so be sure to act on this as soon as you can!  All Boosters must be completed by February 17, 2017.  The following boosters are being offered:

  • 1/8 pages for $15
  • ¼ pages for $25

In addition, we have space available for business card promotions!  If you would like to showcase your business, please email me for details.

I am excited to have this role as Yearbook Club Coordinator and taking part in documenting your child’s memories here at PS/MS 164.  The better we work together, the better this yearbook will be! 

Warmest regards,

Ms. Bert


7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher

8th Grade Yearbook Club Coordinator on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-5 PM